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Want to go behind the scenes of the world's only Aussie dedicated film streaming service? The task of acquiring ever Aussie movie ever is an enormous task and the journey from conception to launch has been an interesting adventure to say the least! Join us on our mission and share in the unique challenges of establishing our truly one of a kind platform.

Every Aussie Movie. Ever. Eventually.

Since our launch last week we’ve noticed that some people are interpreting our tagline ‘Every Aussie Movie. Ever.’ as an advertising claim rather than the aspirational mission statement that we intend it to be. So I’ve composed this post to try and clear this misunderstanding up. In early 2015 when Alan Finney and I started talking about Ozflix, we were determined to include as many Australian movies on the channel as it was humanly possible to find. We knew it wouldn't be easy, we had both heard all the stories of the "lost" films that someone had remembered but couldn't find. We knew about Wake In Fright and it's near tragedy, and we knew that inevitably some films would have gone already.

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