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Want to go behind the scenes of the world's only Aussie dedicated film streaming service? The task of acquiring ever Aussie movie ever is an enormous task and the journey from conception to launch has been an interesting adventure to say the least! Join us on our mission and share in the unique challenges of establishing our truly one of a kind platform.

OzFlix: The Report 13

Ever since Mick Dundee graced international screens, Australians have had a reputation for larrikinism. We've made arguably more great comedies than any other genre and have a stack of talented comic performers, writers, producers, and directors to prove it, and when it comes to supporting OzFlix, we've got more of them than you can shake a stick at. In this edition of The Report we share in their excitement, reminiscing over favourite comedies, and other films that will be more accessible on the OzFlix platform.

OzFlix: The Report 12

They give us advice, education, and context to enhance our viewing experience but being a professional film critic doesn't always mean you get easier access to cinema screenings. Highly regarded critics David Stratton, Tom Ryan, Rochelle Siemienowicz, Michaela Boland, Sandra Hall, and Paul Harris discuss the current challenges accessing Australian films and how online streaming will mean more films are available more easily for critical analysis.

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