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Want to go behind the scenes of the world's only Aussie dedicated film streaming service? The task of acquiring ever Aussie movie ever is an enormous task and the journey from conception to launch has been an interesting adventure to say the least! Join us on our mission and share in the unique challenges of establishing our truly one of a kind platform.

OzFlix: The Report 7

Veterans from both sides of the camera understand the importance of preserving our national film identity. Director Bruce Beresford (The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, Don's Party, Puberty Blues, Mao's Last Dancer) and Actor Bruce Spence (Stork, Mad Max 2, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) discuss the significance of Australian film and it's digital future.

OzFlix: The Report 6

Film distribution methods are changing rapidly and the most successful independents are not only adapting but embracing the new environment. Two of these independent opportunists and general sci-fi masterminds are Australian producer Enzo Tadeschi (The Tunnel, Airlock) and Director Jesse O'Brien (Arrowhead) who joined OzFlix to talk alternatives to the traditional cinema release method.

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