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Want to go behind the scenes of the world's only Aussie dedicated film streaming service? The task of acquiring ever Aussie movie ever is an enormous task and the journey from conception to launch has been an interesting adventure to say the least! Join us on our mission and share in the unique challenges of establishing our truly one of a kind platform.

OzFlix: The Report 10

The battle for film distribution is always fought hardest by the indies where smaller budgets and no big company backing makes finding an audience even more challenging. Independent Directors Megan Riakos and Nathan Hill discuss the digital revolution and how OzFlix facilitates not only a solution for indie film makers but allows viewers to access the bespoke content they desire.

OzFlix: The Report 9

Aussie producing icons Tristram Miall and Matt Carroll have a couple of things in common. Between them they created classics Strictly Ballroom, Looking for Alibrandi, Storm Boy, and Breaker Morant, they also strongly believe in the platform of VOD streaming services and the invaluable access that OzFlix provides to a whole new audience.

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