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Frequently Asked Questions​

Am I eligible?

If you have made a film worthy of national praise, you’ve already won. For this competition however, we do require the film to be made no earlier than 2018 and either directed/produced by an Australian, filmed in Australia, or to have Australian actors in lead roles. Official Australian co-productions are also eligible.

What genre/s can I submit?

We will be taking submissions for the following genres: Narrative feature, Documentary and Indigenous (any length over 25 mins). Please note: we do require Narrative films to be at least 48 minutes long in order to be considered feature length.


I'm a student/short film/web series maker, can I enter?

At this stage we are planning another event for late 2019, celebrating shorts, webbies and student films. Stay tuned for updates on that event in early 2019. 


What are the categories?

The prize categories are as follows:

  1. Best Film Under $500K

  2. Best Film Under $500K- $2mil

  3. Best Film Under $2mil - $5mil

  4. Best Documentary

  5. Best Achievement in Indigenous Film Making

  6. Best Male Performance

  7. Best Female Performance

  8. Best Supporting Male Performance

  9. Best Supporting Female Performance 

  10. Best Original Script

  11. Best Direction in Narrative

  12. Best Direction in Documentary

  13. Best Cinematography

  14. Best Production Design

  15. Best Sound

  16. Best Special Visual Effects

  17. Best Editing

  18. Best Original Score

  19. Best Costume Design


When are submissions due and how much will they cost?

Early bird entries:  11/01/19  

$50 entry fee for films made on a budget below $500,000, 

$100 entry fee for films made on a budget above $500,000.

Early bird entries:  11/02/19

$100 entry fee for films made on a budget below $500,000, 

$150 entry fee for films made on a budget above $500,000.

Late entries:          04/03/19

$200 entry fee for films made on a budget below $500,000,                                           

$300 entry fee for films made on a budget above $500,000.


Will there be prizes?

Of course! The organisers are keen to offer cash rewards along with trophies and certificates, subject to industry support. Ozflix is currently talking to major industry suppliers to encourage their participation in sponsoring the prize categories.


When will the shortlisted films be announced?

March 11th. Fingers crossed!


When and where will the Independent Film Awards take place?

March 2019. Date and venue in Melbourne TBA.


What does ‘Best Achievement in Indigenous Film Making’ mean?

This category is open to all lengths and all expertise. What that means? If you’re a student or if you’ve made a short film, you are invited to enter this category along with feature film and web-series entrants.


The Best Achievement in Indigenous Film Making can be awarded to a writer, a producer, a director or an actor. The films must either feature an Indigenous lead actor, a story with Indigenous themes or feature an Indigenous crew member in a main role (ie. Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer). 


Who’s running the event?

The OzFlix Award’s Steering Committee consists of a group of leading industry professionals listed below.


Sally Aitken: Sally is a director and producer, known for David Stratton: A Cinematic Life (2017).

Tait Brady: Tait is a producer known for Healing (2014) and A Guide to Dating at the end of the World (2013). Tait also owns Label Distribution, a leading independent film distributor based in Melbourne.

Beck Cole: Beck is a writer/director and a member of the Warramungu people of Central Australia. Beck is known for the documentary Making ‘Samson & Delilah’ (2009) and feature drama Here I Am (2011).

Matthew Holmes: Matthew is an independent filmmaker known for The Legend of Ben Hall (2016). 


Rosie Lourde: Rosie is an actor/producer particularly known for Restoration (2016) and Starting From…Now (2014-2016). Rosie is currently employed by Screen Australia in their Digital Film initiative.

Jocelyn Moorhouse: Jocelyn is a writer/director known for The Dressmaker (2015), Proof (1991) and How to Make an American Quilt (1995). Jocelyn also produced Muriel’s Wedding (1994) which was written and directed by her partner PJ Hogan. 


Enzo Tedeschi: Enzo is an Australian screenwriter, editor and producer known for The Tunnel (2011) and Airlock (2015). Enzo also owns independent film distribution company Deadhouse Films. 


Ron Brown: Ron is a producer, a director and the CEO of Ozflix, known for Let Me Not (2007), No Two Snowflakes (2017) and Suite for Fleur (2015). 


Who will be the judges?

The steering committee will start appointing judges in January 2019 and they will be announced closer to the event. Stay tuned!

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